Welcome to Ainsworth Municipal Golf Course

Ainsworth Golf Course is a 9 hole public course located 5 miles west of Ainsworth on Highway 20.

The course is a par 36 for both men and women. See Scorecard.The course measures 3430 yards from the blue tees, 3005 from the white and 2486 from the red.

Course Rating: Men's 18 holes - 68.5; Women's 18 holes - 71.4
Slope Rating: Men's 114; Women's 121

Yardage Markders in fairway are true distances from that point to the cent of the green:
Blue - 200 yards
White - 150 yards
Red - 100 yards
Yellow - 50 yards

Course Rules of Play

  1. All golfers, members and guests must register at the clubhouse before starting to play.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse play for misconduct.
  3. All play begins on No. 1 unless directed otherwise.
  4. Players use course at own risk.
  5. USGA Rules govern all play except where modified by local rules.
  6. Please allow faste players to play through.
  7. Fix your ball marks and replace divots.
  8. Rake sand bunkers after use.
  9. Please keep carts on paths when available and follow cart signs.
  10. Play Winter Rules
  11. Fences and white stakes are out of bounds, left on #1, 4, 5 & behind #1 and 9.
  12. Creeks on #1 and 4 are water hazards.
  13. Pond and marsh area on #2 are considered water hazards as defined by yellow stakes.
  14. Creek behind #2 is lateral water hazard as defined by red stakes.
  15. Ball in water hazard on #2, 3rd shot may be played from drop area.
  16. Lateral water hazard along left side and behind green on hole #3 as defined by red stakes.
  17. White stakes along right side of #9 are out of bounds on tee shot only.
  18. Alcoholic beverages MUST be purchased at the club house, please do not bring outside beverages onto the course.

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